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Implementare Măsura 2

DRUNKEN RAT SRL anunță lansarea proiectului ”Granturi pentru capital de lucru acordate IMM-urilor cu activitate economică în unul din domeniile de activitate prevazute în anexa nr.2” proiect număr RUE 6540 înscris în cadrul Măsurii ”Granturi pentru capital de lucru”, instituită prin OUG nr 130/2020.

Proiectul se derulează pe o perioada de maxim 12 luni, începând cu data semnării contractului de finanțare cu Ministerul Economiei, Antreprenoriatului și Turismului (fost MEEMA)/ A.I.M.M.A.I.P.E. Timişoara , M2-6540 / 14.04.2021

Obiectivul proiectului îl reprezintă sprijinirea societatii DRUNKEN RAT SRL Proiectul are printre principalele rezultate, următoarele:

– menținerea activității pe o perioadă de minim 6 luni.
– menținerea/suplimentarea numărului locurilor de muncă față de data depunerii cererii, pe o perioadă de minimum 6 luni, la data acordării granturilor.

Valoarea totală a proiectului este de 589.853,92 lei din care:
512.916,45 lei grant acordat
76.937,4675 lei cofinanțare.

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They've tasted our food & shared

their experience

Best place to eat in the old center part of the city. I'm in the town for 5 days and I have only ate here for the last 4 days. I strongly recommend The Drunken Rat pub, as well as the "Coaste" item from their daily menu 🙂

Dacian Dumitrașcu

They observe all COVID-19 related safety measures, which is very rare and a plus for me! The food is very good and the waiters are very kind! 🙂

Daniel Stanescu

We arrive there after a long road. Due to pandemic regulations, we stayed outside to take lunch. The waitress was very kind and professional and she recommended a good meal. The restaurant is near the Unirii Square. We'll return next month.

Florin Floriol

Everything was perfect! The serving was excellent, staff is really friendly and the food was great! I've got an Tomatoes Cream Soup and my wife got Benedict Eggs. The coffee was also great and smells so tasty. The prices are also good. Overall is a great place to come. I highly recommend it!

Mihai Palantin

Delicious food together with kind, professional and warm serving makes this place special! No doubt this Pub knows how to "play the game"! Satisfaction level 10+!

Soaita Alin
Airbnb Timisoara - Unirii Old Square Poze Generale 8