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Apartments for rent in Timisoara

Old Square.

/Old Square

If Timisoara is the next city on your list of tourist destinations, we assure you that you have made a wise decision. However, one of the most frequently asked questions is without a doubt the accommodation question: hotel or apartment for rent? If you prefer to choose an apartment for rent in Timişoara, then Old Square Apartments offers you a “like the book” so you can enjoy a few days of story.

Apartament 1

Old Square Unirii.

Kitchen, 1 person bedroom, 1 large bedroom, bathroom (max 3 persons)

Apartament 2

Old Square Unirii.

Living with small kitchen, large bedroom, bathroom (max 4 persons)

Timisoara was, is and will remain one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, being a place full of history. The monuments delight our gaze at every step, and the inhabitants of the city seem from a story, due to their calm and common sense. If you also want to visit this city, you have surely asked your question about accommodation. Therefore, to help you, Unirii Old Square Apartments proposes you an apartment for rent in Timisoara, specially designed for your needs and your family!

Have you thought about visiting Timisoara, but the accommodation gives you a headache? Although it is an extraordinary city, full of history and monuments, as if broken from the events of decades ago, not all visitors prefer to be accommodated in a modern hotel. In this case, the apartments for rent in Timisoara are an ideal solution for you, so that you get to know even more the riches of this city! And to give you an appropriate solution, we suggest you consider Old Square Apartments 3.

Apartament 3

Old Square Unirii.

Washer, bathroom, dressing, open space kitchen with living, 1st floor bedroom (max 3 persons)

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